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iPentagram - ShellBooter, DorkScanner,Vuln.Scanner,IPTracer,TxtEncrypt

[Image: jbpZAXH5JiQlqu.png]

What is iPentagram?
iPentagram is a project I have been working on for the past few weeks.
It inclu**s a large variety of functions which are mandatory for all computer lovers and enthusiasts.
// Shell Booter - Powerful and advanced shellbooter which gives the users the ability to add new shells.
// Dork Scanner - Scan websites for dorks with blazing speeds.
// Vulnerability **tector - SQLi vulnerability **tector with multiple settings.
// IP Tracer - Trace, log and export IP addresses.
// File Pumper - Increase the size of your executables without corrupting it.
// Text Encryption/**cryption -
Gives the user the ability to encrypt or **crypt submitted text.
// Multi-threa**d - iPentagram is fully multi-threa**d. Meaning, you can run multiple tools at once without causing the application to freeze or crash.
// User Friendly - iPentagram was **signed to be used not only be professionals but also by beginners and is therefore extremely user friendly. With messages and tooltips that even a child could un**rstand, iPentagram is as easy as it gets.
// Automatic Updates - iPentagram will automatically notify the user when a new update is available and will allow the user to get his/her hands on the new update with just the click of a button.

[Image: jbsD1q3KWTWQgf.png]
[Image: jXnDNrfEs7RFp.png]
[Image: j5WeGeD7NfxDT.png]
[Image: jTEPbDu8iiLCH.png]

viruSscan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/d3f03...374640550/

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