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[Tutorial] ► Server Side Include Injection(SSI Injection)

Server Side Includes && General background.

Server Side Includes(SSI) is server  language for web pages, designed to make static HTML pages a little more dynamic. SSI meant to make HTML pages similar to dynamic applications, such as those written in ASP, PHP and similar languages​​ and allow the inclusion of dynamic information server in HTML pages.

HTML pages with SSI tags usually have shtml extension or shtm. On IIS server the extension stm also possible.

The most common use of SSI is including contents of files into a web page from the web server.
The SSI code must be with rounded with <!--# and --> tags.
SSI functions\commands syntax are usually like this :
<!--#function_name parameter="value" -->

Live example:
All who knows PHP can understand that the following codes are doing the same thing\action:
With PHP :

With SSI :
<!--#include virtual="head.txt" -->

So...I'm giving you now the most common functions\commands in SSI :echo
Parameters: var.
Uses: To print contents of HTTP environment variables, like HTTP_ACCEPT, LAST_MODIFIED, and HTTP_USER_AGENT.
Example :
<!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR" -->
Parameters: virtual\file
Uses: To includes files.
<!--#include virtual="file.html" -->
Another option with file parameter:
<!--#include file="file.html" -->
Parameters: cmd\cgi
Uses: Executes script, shell command and program on the server. cmd parameter contain a server-side command and the cgi parameter contain the path to a CGI script.
To run cgi script:
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/any_script.cgi" -->
To execute shell command:
<!--#exec cmd="ls -A" -->
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