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[OpenSrc] Viotto Binder v1.2

A small update of my old binder, whose first release was in 2009.
Free and open source, you can find compiled here, and src in VB6 section here.
You can find this and other sources/releases of mine in my website: www.breaking-security.net
[Image: ViottoBinder-AboutScreen.PNG]


* Removed CommonDialog component / comdlg32.ocx dependency:
Now the Open/Save FileDialog is created dinamically, by calling comdlg32.dll functions.
This removes the need of ocx file, and offers a small performance improvement as well.
* Fixed bug which allowed the user to enter unexisting input file paths.
* Form is now resizeable.
* Program remained open if main form was closed while a secondary one was opened. Fixed.
* Now you can enter custom filename and custom path also by pressing enter, along with the usual OK button.
* Other minor improvements/changes.

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thank you, source code always appreciate. so we can all learn more on this Smile

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