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Hydra Botnet (Tor Based Botnet)

Hydra Botnet is a tor based prof of concept.
hydra is a modified version of umbra loader made for use over tor, the panel is from aldi botnet as i am lazy.

i am not responsible for what you do with this code.

the botnet has some simple functions.


Plugin Commands

panel is protected by user agent and captcha
gate.php is protected by user agent.
communication between bot and panel is base64 encoded
both bot and panel have incomplete plugin system. (will release example later plugin is just a .dll that can be injected.)

tor.exe is ever carried with the bot or downloaded when run.
panel has Bots, Tasks, Statistics, Plugins, Passwords, Uploader, Log out
Password was meant to be used by plugin system but never finished.


Credit to slayer616
credit to the creator of aldi botnet
and credit to me

upload panel to host.
edit /admin/inc/config.php

edit untsettings.pas
compile bot in delphi xe 2 with indy installed

the bot with connect to a public server to get its ip address, if you don't like it change it.

Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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where is the link as$hole

nice bro hehe

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