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Escrow Service || How to Deal Safely [1% FEE]

This is our official escrow service.
Our systems payments BitCoin / LiteCoin / DogeCoin / PerfectMoney

Just 1% FEE!
Click HERE to calculate the comission

Is a service that give the possibilty for both sellers and buyers in anycase of deal to be safe . The buyer pays the money due to the seller to carderhack Escrow and it's released only when he confirms that we can do so.
If any problems is occured, the buyer who paid to the carderhack Escrow must explain the problems, and will see his money refunded.The buyer have then no chance to loose his money, since the seller will not see any cents of it till he confirms. And for the seller, we know that alot of personn never pay after that the seller deliver his work, or loose his time. With Escrow, the seller knows at the beginning that the buyer is a serious member that got the money and already paid

Avantage for the buyer :
- He is safe during all the deal, his money is with us.
Avantage for the seller :
- He knows that the buyer paid the Escrow, wich means that he knows that the buyer have the money and he is serious
In both case, the Escrow reduce probabilty of getting scammed for the buyer, and loosing his time for the seller ...

Quote:We do not use the same BitCoin/LiteCoin/DogeCoin address each time for paying. If you want to deal, please send me PRIVATE MESSAGE for address. (For BItcoin, please click here: https://cardingteam.ws/misc.php?page=bitcoin-escrow )
You must made the payment in 60 minutes after this was provided.

To get funds in your PerfectMoney account, click here https://perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html


!! HOW TO GET e-Voucher Code PerfectMoney
a) go to any exchanger site use https://perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html
Note : If You have Curreny like WMZ/BitCoins/MoneyBookers/PayPal You still can Exchange for get PM Funds...
b) Contact with Exchanger and send them money via WU/MG/Bank wire etc ... and then they will give you PerfectMoney e-Voucher Code like this :
Quote:e-Voucher # 9059103831
Activation code 9830006411826794
Then you need to Send Private Message to Tornado with e-Voucher code number and Activation code So he will add e-Voucher code on ESCROW PerfectMoney Account and then he will confirm your Deal.

!! HOW TO MAKE e-Voucher Code ON PerfectMoney
a) If you have already balance in Your PerfectMoney Account then follow these step
1: Go here : https://perfectmoney.com/withdrawal.html
after then click on e-Voucher code :
[Image: evoucher.gif]

2: Then you will get page e-Voucher Depository
then click on [Image: plus.gif] Purchase a new e-Voucher »

3: Then you will get this Page Purchase e-Voucher
Please select the account and the exact e-Voucher amount you want to issue.
Account to charge from : USD Account
Amount of e-Voucher : Amount for Buy as u like

4: then you will get page for buy click button and your e-Voucher Code ready to send
Note : Send e-Voucher Code to Tornado.
The e-Voucher is like:
Quote:e-Voucher # 9051101830
Activation code 9830006441836794
Amount :
i) Make a thread in ESCROW SERVICE with the seller and your deal, Then Escrow Will confirm Your Deal and then Seller can start his job.

Only admins can make this escrow service. (Tornado)

Make a Thread HERE with proof of your payment and a administrator will verify it...

If you want to deal with Escrow but to stay private and not post a thread on forum, so no one can see that you are dealing, simply PM Tornado and kindly tell him you want to do it private. The transaction will be done by PM between the seller, Tornado, and the buyer
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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wow!!!, excellent services.
i will order for things once i got money.

good service against rippers

good service and safe deals.
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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goood service...
Thanks for this...

i need good shop 4 cc

hey guys i need to fine my bins that why i need good shop am waitin bros

this sounds great and tempting(on the positive side). will test the system and c.
such systems should have been in place a long time ago.
@bright2: pm me for help
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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i want to make payment to z33ATn so admin told to use escrow service U4849224

but i came to know the perfect money escrow account belongs to z33ATn
himself so admin is none other than z33ATn himself now how can i beleive him????

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