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Bypassing Cloudfare Protection...

Step 1:
IpLogger is a website which allows you to see traffic on image files. This is a very useful method and can help you get the IP of
practically anyone if you know what to do A little SE will get you a long way, but for this method no SE is needed at all!
Go to https://iplogger.org/getnewid.php and copy the 3rd link in the boxes.

Step 2:
Go to any forum where you can change your avatar. Let us use hack-forums.net without the "-" for this example
Now go to the page which allows you to change avatar: /usercp.php?action=avatar

Step 3:
Paste the image url your retrieved from IPLogger earlier and click on change avatar. This will prompt a SQL error because the
image file is way too small. Do not worry though, everything worked well. Right before the error, Hack-forums.net pinged the
image and that's all we need!

Step 4:
Now, go back to IPLogger and click "View Log." button. This will forward you to a statistics page where we can find the real IP address.Step 5:
Enjoy the backend IP and have fun with your DDoS, PoD or whatever you are trying to do
Paid adv. expire in 47 days
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