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Forums in 'Hacking Forums'
Hacking Tools and Programs
Since every hacker needs tools and programs please post your favorites here.
1,944 Replies 359 Topics How to Bypass SMS Verific...
Saturday 16 | 09:29:AM
by sana
Backdoors, RATs, Trojans, Rootkits
Gaining access to a system via malware is respected here
1,284 Replies 199 Topics DroidJack - Android Remot...
by Flash0r
Hacking Tutorials
All kind of hacking Tutorials
1,689 Replies 829 Topics 4 Methods - Money Making ...
by jigokuramen
Websites Vulnerability / Exploits
Post here exploits, 0day, links vulnerable etc
997 Replies 332 Topics WordPress PHPMailer 4.6 -...
Tuesday 29 | 02:41:PM
by badboyhelper
Crypters, Binders, Packers
Everything you need to make your files FUD (Fully UnDetectable)
995 Replies 115 Topics [OpenSrc] Viotto Binder v...
Sunday 3 | 01:50:AM
by SunIsVeryHot
Botnets, IRC Bots, and Zombies
Do you know how it feels to control 100K systems ? Find out here
1,319 Replies 66 Topics Cool SmsBot Android Botne...
Sunday 3 | 01:44:AM
by SunIsVeryHot
Main Discussions
Major discussions which are not specific can be posted here.
321 Replies 120 Topics [Guide] : Cracking Hashes
by jigokuramen
Need HELP!
Here You Can Put Your REQ To Any Thing in Hacking Problem's or if you need any help From Hackers
293 Replies 124 Topics Stealer
Friday 15 | 12:25:PM
by ultrablazer
This common sexual manipulation social engineering technique is often used in chat rooms and IMs. Post more about e-whores in this forum.
216 Replies 54 Topics How to setup a VCW [TUT] ...
Friday 15 | 02:00:PM
by cute_cat143