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carding forums carding forums
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Forums in 'Coding'
Visual Basic and .NET Framework
Tutorials and coding help for Visual Basic are here. Microsoft's event driven language using the COM model. Also included are the .NET Framework topics. C# topics should be here too.
87 Replies 32 Topics PowerShellArsenal
Sunday 26 | 07:39:PM
by ramziy
C/C++/Obj-C Programming
A forum for the entire family of C/C++/Obj-C coding. Gain help on compiling, objects, classes, and functions.
180 Replies 40 Topics [C# - Source] The RATs Cr...
Thursday 30 | 06:53:PM
by ramziy
Coding and Programming
Ruby, ASP and other programming languages not covered in the other forums should be posted here.
193 Replies 57 Topics [FREE] Shop script for SM...
Saturday 14 | 05:08:AM
by tardz0r
Java Language, JVM, and the JRE
Write once and run anywhere. That's Java. This is the forum for Oracle's popular language. Java is one of the best OOP languages available today. Learn more here.
103 Replies 15 Topics Read and write file in Ja...
Thursday 30 | 06:54:PM
by ramziy
This forum is setup for all Delphi programming threads. Delphi is perfect for rapid development with its integrated IDE. Its Rapid Application Development tools are key to success.
25 Replies 16 Topics Hydra Botnet (Tor Based B...
Sunday 5 | 10:20:PM
by nevergone162
Python / Perl
Python is one of the most powerful adaptable general purpose languages. We have this forum specifically devoted to the Python language.
104 Replies 44 Topics PenBox v1.2 [All In One ...
Monday 15 | 02:13:PM
by bzugue

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